Wind Stoppers

If you are looking for a jacket that you can wear whilst out walking or nipping around, that is not going to leave you panting for breath but will protect you from the wind, you need a wind stopper.

These jackets are incredible for sports and the general outdoors. You can choose lightweight versions, which will not weigh you down.

Wind stopper is a product from the world-renowned GOR TEX Company.

Gore Tex is a fabric, which is totally waterproof and breathable. The company needed something to stop the chill of the wind getting to your bones.
Wind stoppers, as I have mentioned are perfect for the great outdoors. The way these clothing products work is by the layering of technical fabrics.

Generally, you will find an outer layer, the Wind stopper membrane and an inner layer. These combined fabrics make an incredibly technical piece of clothing, which not only protects you from the wind, but also controls your climate and wicking away moisture through the breathable fabric.

These jackets are made for a range of different sports and lifestyles. Wind stopper have collaborated with some of the biggest brands in outdoor clothing such as The North Face, Quiksilver, Adidas and Peak Performance. Much like the use of Gore Tex in a range of clothing and footwear, Wind stopper is employed in many outdoor apparel products and accessories.

If you suffer from the cold or work outdoors and need something that will keep you warm or cool but stop the wind coming into your cocoon, a wind stopper is the perfect choice. From full jackets for winder sports to zip up fleeces and jumpers. Wind stopper is an incredibly technically functioning piece of clothing and once you purchase one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.