Men's London Duffle Coats

Duffle Coats UK is the official outlet for Original Montgomery duffle coats, bringing you iconic designs at discounted prices. From the British Admiralty to the British high street, the legacy of the duffle coat continues to live on. Inspired by the original garment sported by Lord Montgomery himself, the London Duffle Coat is made for the man who means business.

An updated take on a classic design, the London Duffle Coat is cut in a long finish to provide you with extra protection from the cold. It features all the trademark characteristics of the beloved duffle, from the oversized collar to the iconic toggle fastenings. Made from the finest Italian wool blend, which is resistant to piling, this coat will keep its super-smooth feel for years to come.

Our men's London Duffle Coats are available in a range of distinctive colours. From regal navy to timeless camel, this coat will never go out of style. Twin patch pockets provide you with exceptional functionality, while the detachable hood allows you to adjust the coat as you wish for maximum comfort and protection.

For creating a striking silhouette and commanding the right kind of attention, you can't do better than one of our London Duffle Coats.