What’s in your pockets?

I used to have a lovely denim jacket when I was at university, I believe I got it in the Next sale. It was a dark denim coat with red stitching and I loved it. I always used to wear it out on nights around the town. One of the best things about this particular jacket is that I always found money in the pockets. The pockets were not so big but I must have put in the odd £5 note in the breast pocket. Now, these were the days you could go out with £10, have enough drinks to forget your mind, have a takeaway and even get a taxi home. We were students and would live on the most basic rationing, plus we lived in Scarborough, which meant it was a pretty cheap night out.

What’s the most money you’ve ever found in a Jacket Pocket? I think mine must have been £10, which in those days was a bonus. I was reading about one particular gentleman who found £10K in an envelope in a jacket pocket, two years after having a good weekend at his grocery store, how could you ever forget you had £10K????

It might be a great way to save some money, where no one could find it, choose a jacket in your wardrobe that you never use and every week place a crisp note in there, a couple of years down the line when you come to clear out the wardrobe you will be incredibly pleased.

One of the funniest but possibly terrible tips I heard from a satirical magazine was
“Place a £10 note in your black suit jacket, when you come to use said jacket for a formal occasion or funeral, you will instantly be cheered up finding that hidden £10 Note”. Hmmm I think I would rather just keep the money.