Why British?


VALUES- we believe that making our products with pride and commitment to quality that lasts a lifetime are important British values. These values, shared by many other countries and peoples, many other brands, stand out as well as the British. We cannot influence their thinking, but we can be true to ourselves.

How our teams, in British factories, make the products matters. There are no management consultants check lists to hide behind, no attempt at subterfuge, we just collaborate with good people, who work with good people, who are treated well, as people should be treated.

REINVENTING THE CLASSICS- The British invented first recycled fabric. For many, after WW11, the belief was that the use of new materials was a better-quality statement. Today of course we know that we all have a responsibility to use the earths resources with care and understanding. Where we can we use either recycled fabrics, or at least those that are sustainable and help to sustain the lives of those who may suffer if we moved away from them. Started in Britain back in 1812, recycled fabric, now mainly from Italy, is a part of our ecological commitment.

TRUST- part of being a British brand is being able to trust the company, and its people, that you do business with. Transparency and a will to be fair. British Trust.

THE BIG IDEA- sometimes we get it wrong. We try not to. Sometimes we may not explain ourselves very well, but we are committed to doing the right thing, eventually.

THE FLAG- it is too easy to say that we stand behind the flag. Britain stood up for what were perceived at the time as oppressed people. Sometimes we were wrong, but we were usually on the right side, putting the safety of Britain behind a belief in doing right. Of course, our very name celebrates a great WW2 war leader, a man who became inextricably linked to the humble duffle coat. We don’t put flags on our products, we put the flag, and our history, into the products.

OWNERSHIP- we are part of a family business, British owned, British values, British quirkiness.