How does Pay in 3 with Klarna work in the UK?

Pay in 3 with Klarna is a payment method which allows you to buy now and Pay in 3 easy instalments.

If you choose to pay using Pay in 3 with Klarna, please remember to spend responsibly – sometimes, delaying or splitting up payments might not always be the best option. We want you to shop with confidence, so we’ve provided all the info you need below.


When can it be used to place an order? 

  • When placing an order in GBP on our UK website. 
  • There's no minimum spend - simply add the items you love to your basket and head to checkout. 
  • You can have multiple Pay in 3 with Klarna orders at the same time. Your eligibility will be checked by Klarna with each order. 


How do you sign up?

Simply download the Klarna app or sign up on Klarna's website


What can you do on Klarna's app/ website?


  • Set up a debit or credit card.
  • Make payments on or before the payment due date.
  • See past and future payment schedules.
  • Check payment status.
  • Put payments on hold if there's a problem with your order.
  • Contact Klarna to resolve issues.


How do you pay using Pay in 3 with Klarna at OSC Ltd. (Trading as Oofos UK)?



  • When you get to checkout, click ‘change’ under payment type and select ‘Add New Payment Method’.
  • Sign up/ log into your Klarna profile.
  • Enter your card information.
  • Confirm your date of birth.
  • Click 'Place order'.


When do you have to pay for your order?


  • Klarna will send you an email within 2 days of your order being placed with payment instructions.
  • You'll receive an email reminder two days before your payment is due. 
  • If you do not pay for your order on time, you may no longer be able to access Klarna’s payment options for future purchases. This may also affect your ability to get credit from other lenders too.


Having trouble paying with Klarna?


If you have any trouble placing an order with Klarna, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Klarna may not have been able to check your details using the billing address that you've provided. You'll need to make sure that your billing address is the same address that your bank/credit cards are registered to.
  • If it's your first time using Klarna, and you're shipping to a different address to your billing address, the payment may be declined.
  • You may have outstanding payments on previous Klarna statements. Once these are paid off, try Pay in 3 with Klarna again. If you've recently paid off outstanding statements, please allow 24 hours before trying to pay with Klarna again.
  • You may have missed a required field at the checkout, such as filling in your Date of Birth.
  • Being rejected by Klarna for one payment application does not mean you'll be rejected next time. Likewise, if your application has been accepted for one payment, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be accepted for all future payments.

Can’t decide which Klarna payment option will work best for you? Find more information on Klarna here.


Other info on Klarna


You'll receive emails from Klarna when payments have been made or missed. Klarna will normally contact you by email but will call your registered phone number if they need to contact you urgently. 

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. No card details are transferred to or held by  Montgomery Duffle Ltd.

**Klarna may not always be available at checkout, and we may decide not to offer it based on conditions of use. If Klarna is not available, please use one of the other payment methods we offer.

Just one more thing...

Upon application, Klarna will perform soft searches with credit reference agencies to determine if you are eligible. Pay in 3 with Klarna credit agreements aren’t regulated by the FCA. This means any missed payments may affect your ability to get credit from Klarna and other lenders as Klarna may also report missed payments to credit reference agencies. 18+, UK residents only. Subject to status. Klarna's T&Cs apply. Find out more info on Klarna here.


Klarna are an independent payment provider and  Montgomery Duffle Ltd. have no influence over whether your payment with Klarna is accepted or not. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact Klarna Customer Service.


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