Women's Merino Submariner



Many years ago, this style of sweater was actually made in this building in Parker Drive.

Always the choice of Royal Navy submariners and sailors our High-Altitude Merino Submariner has many great advantages. Softer than other wools, brilliant at wicking moisture to keep you comfortable, sensitive to skin.

During war time access to pure Merino wool was limited. Initially only officers were issued with Merino sweaters, other ranks having to make do with scratchy British wool, but these Merino sweaters soon found their way into general circulation amongst submariners, deemed essential for sailors kept in difficult cramped conditions.

Developed before WW1 and in use today the Submariner is the perfect long-lived friend where only the Original and best count.

Originally it was a staple for polo players- hence the polo neck- and it is perfect for all forms of sporting pursuits, especially spectating.