Fur Coat Recycling project

Fur Coats have always had its loyal followers who enjoy the luxury and feeling of soft fur against their skin. It also has quite the opposite group of Anti-Fur campaigners who are against the killing of innocent animals. For years British charity PETA People for the ethical treatment of animals have campaigned against wearing fur, famously models would pose nude to promote the argument against fur and the way it is produced.

Unbelievably across the globe, there is still such a demand for fur that fur farms breed animals specifically for that. The animals, which are normally inquisitive in nature, are forced to live in small confined spaces. The animals are then killed with methods not to damage the skin or fur and sometimes these methods are not always successful and animals have woken again when their skins are being removed, this is incredibly horrifying.

As you can imagine Peta has had a great backing from many famous people such as Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson. The Fur trade is decreasing but still some countries around the world hunt animals and rare animals for their skins and furs to sell on and produce clothing.
Cash for fur coats is a company that will recycle your old fur coat, rather than throwing it away, and turn this into a new piece of clothing or sell it on. Its sells like a strange solution, but for those who do love to adorn themselves in fur, it could be a great answer to reduce the amount of fur being produced across the world.

This Canadian company will pay cash for your old fur and turn it into something along the lines of home accessories such as pillows or teddy bears this is a great way to keep fur trade to a minimum.

Peta and other charities still fight to stop the fur trade and the terrible treatment of animals, if you really want to go for fur makes sure it’s fake.