The Big Freeze 2011

The Big Freeze is coming…..but this time we have coats!

It is the year 20,000 BC, all you are wearing is an animal skin tunic.  It’s summer, but yet you’re freezing cold, yes my friends it’s the well talked about Ice Age that you’re going through.  There are sheets and plains of Ice covering all the land for as far as the eye can see.  You try to get a fire going and you keep rubbing your hands together, but nothings working to get you warm.

Revert to the year 2011, we have just had summer and a couple of weeks ago we had one of our hottest days on record.  It has been glorious, a summer where you can choose to go on vacation, or stay in the UK and have BBQs, drinks and eat fine foods out in your garden and enjoy life.  However, it seems the winter chill has hit us hard and fast.  Luckily for us, we do not have to go around our normal day just wearing animal skin as clothing.  We can wear appropriate clothing like trousers, socks, shoes but more importantly coats and jackets.

What better way to keep warm for the winter chill, than getting yourself a Duffle Coat.  These coats always add warmth to any part of your body. Wearing one of these makes you feel sometimes like you are walking in the Mediterranean (or at least in the south of England rather than being up north in Scotland). So forget about the stories that you hear or read of this winter freeze hitting the UK hard, all you need to do to prevent feeling the
terrible cold, is to wrap up warm.  Get yourself a good pair of gloves a hat and make sure you wear trousers instead of shorts and have at least two layers on your top half.  You could combine a shirt, with a light jumper then finished off with a thick woollen duffle coat.