Grab your coat and app.

Grab your coat and app

Imagine this if you will, you’re walking down your local high street and you see an old flame walking towards your direction, you want to stop and talk to them and try and stoke the fire again, but the problem is the coat that you’re wearing, you bought it last season, it has ripped, lost buttons and faded. It seems that the ‘old flame’ is wearing one of the most beautiful and luscious coats you could ever imagine them in. You become very conscious, you don’t want them to see you like this. You pretend you have forgotten something and make an awkward U-turn, or you quickly jump into the nearest shop.

However, never fear, if you find yourself in an embarrassing coat situation on a regular basis, eBay is planning to launch an app this Christmas so you can search for your dream coat. All you do is take a photo of a coat you are interested in and the app will recognise it and match you with the same or similar piece of clothing on where you will be able to make a bid for it.

This means if you ever want to go out cloth shopping, but are worried about paying over the odds for different pieces of clothing, you can just take a photo of it and the app will match it to something on eBay. You can then see how much it’s being sold for and how long is left on the bid. All you have to do is wait a couple of days for your new duffle coat to arrive and you can head back out on the streets again. But this time you stop and chat to the ‘old flame’ and they comment on how nice your new coat looks on you.

If only an app was created to see if that old flame of yours was still interested…