Remember, remember the 5th of November

‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ or at least remember the week before when you went out and bought a new coat, so you could get ready for the celebrations happening next weekend.

This year the 5th of November celebrations land on a Saturday, meaning that over the whole weekend there should be a firework display going on at your local pub, community centre, stately home, national trust property or even in the confines of your own garden.  If you have children, different sets of friends or another half, this means that there is a likely chance that Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night, you will end up at an event somewhere covered in toffee and mud, feeling slightly cold . Now, with Bonfire Night being an outdoor event and you not being a domesticated house pet, this means you will be spending most of your weekend outside in the chilly autumn air. Usually the bigger bonfires are cordoned off, so keeping warm is like eating a toffee apple that does not make your lips or hands sticky and fireworks tend to be too dangerous to shove up your jacket to keep you warm. The best thing you can do is this weekend in preparation, is go out and get yourself and decent duffle coat to keep you warm. Here at Duffle Coats UK we sell a variety of different styles including men’s and women’s duffle coats. These wonderful coats will keep you warm enough during the winter and Christmas months.  They are a great fashion statement and will have people looking at you in wonder.  The crowd will be cooing ‘Ohhh, Ahhh, Wow!’ You will notice that they’re not paying one bit of notice to the display of fireworks and more to the duffle coat you are wearing.