Summertime cover-ups

Ok, so whilst we’ve been enjoying some truly fantastic temperatures over the last week or so, it’s the UK. That means we need to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at us (we’re bracing ourselves for the next bout of unsettled weather), and let’s not forget that it can still get pretty chilly in the evenings. That’s why you should be looking to invest in a summertime cover-up or two.

Summertime cover-ups will be thinner than your trusty duffle coat whilst still providing the extra layer that you’ll often need at this time of year, ensuring you won’t start shivering should the sun go in. And, as an added bonus they can be a great way to protect yourself from the sun too—if you’ve forgotten to apply sun cream and are out in the midday heat you could just throw the cover-up over your shoulders to protect your delicate skin.

Just what type of cover-ups will you need? Well, thin cardis will be a great option. They’ll be lightweight enough to carry around easily (many can even be folded or rolled up to be put into a bag) so you needn’t worry about being weighed down, but they can provide valuable coverage should the wind get up. They’ll be great whether you’re stuck in the office or are enjoying a day at the beach, and if you have an evening BBQ or decide to go on a romantic moonlit walk they’ll be a necessity.

There are plenty of cover-up options available if you spend the time to look, and with the high street practically brimming with summertime styles (you might even be lucky enough to find a mid-season sale or two) you’ll be spoilt for choice. A cover-up will go with any outfit necessary and if you go for simple colours you needn’t worry about clashing, so make sure to remember the all-important cover-up and you can be ready for anything this summer.