Fashion royalty

What with it being Jubilee season and all, we thought we’d take a look at some true fashion royalty—the Royals themselves, to be exact. They may be monarchy but they could still give many of us a few style tips, particularly the latest addition to the royal household, Kate Middleton.

Kate is the poster girl for elegance and style, and being the most photographed woman in the world it’s important she looks her best. Luckily, she always does—her wardrobe could give any of us fashion envy, with sleek dresses and tailored coats that get people talking. By choosing British designers (something the Queen is very impressed with) she’s giving the UK fashion industry a well-deserved boost, and the best thing about her style is that she’s just like the rest of us. She shops at French Connection, Whistles and Zara, heads to designer discount outlets to bag a bargain and isn’t afraid to wear the same dress twice, effortlessly combining high street and designer labels for a beautiful result.

And, of course, what about the Queen herself? The queen (ahem) of regal style she’s a force to be reckoned with, and her penchant for bold, bright colours shows she’s not afraid to take a few risks. She’s got a timeless style and has been something of a fashion icon throughout her reign—she never hits a wrong note and in state visits she would often use colour and style to complement the host country, because she knows what an impact fashion can make. And, she’s still responsible for boosts in clothing sales—in 2009 she was pictured wearing trousers for the first time in over a decade, and with people wanting to emulate her look sales of trouser suits went up by 40%.

What can we say? They’re a very fashionable bunch. All eyes will be on them to see what fashion choices they make this weekend, and we can’t wait to see the results. We’re guessing British labels, elegance and class, perhaps with a few surprises along the way. Bring on the people watching!