Repairing duffle coats? Yep. We can help with that

blog-1 Recently, there was toggle trouble for one of customers. Here’s how we helped


We received a message on our Facebook page recently. From a customer who loves her duffle coats, but who had a problem.

“I’m very proud of my three duffle coats that I’ve ordered with you over the years,” she said. “But my favourite, an indigo one, my ‘Paddington’ needs some TLC.”


And our customer produced this photograph:

Ouch! That’s a bad duffle day

The problem:

After four years of love, the rope hasp on her duffle coat was close to giving up the ghost. Our customer explained that she’d asked a few shops in her home town if they could help, but she’d had no luck.

So, she asked us for help.

And here’s what we did:

We nipped into our duffle coat warehouse here in Leicester, and fished out a new rope hasp. And we included a couple of toggles for good measure. Then we asked for our customer’s address and popped the toggle and rope in the post. Our customer was more than happy to ask a local tailor to finish the job.

The result?

We’d saved our customer’s ‘Paddington’ duffle coat and she was very happy. And – without sounding too ‘superhero’ – we were relieved that we had saved a duffle coat from extinction. Because with the right care, we firmly believe that your duffle coat can last for years.

And where we can help with duffle coat repairs, we always will.