Red duffle coats: the one (and only) reason you need to buy one


It’s cold, miserable, dark, damp and probably icy.

And although initially we might get excited at the thought of roaring fires and steaming hot chocolate, it’s no fun getting out of bed when it’s freezing.

And trudging through snow is only fun once.

So, unsurprisingly, winter brings our spirits down. Particularly as we drag on through February and still the mercury refuses to rise.

We can’t offer a cure for any of the above.

But we can tell you that our red duffle coat is one of our best sellers.

We can also tell you the reason.

And it’s ridiculously simple.

It’s because it’s red.

And we know for a fact, that red duffle coats are chosen because they help brighten the mood.

Wearers speak of how lovely it is to pull on a soft, brightly coloured coat when it’s dark and miserable outside.
They say that wearing a red coat makes them feel happier.
They also say that, because a coat is what you’re most seen in during the winter, it’s important to choose a good quality red coat (not a flimsy one).
And you know what? We completely agree!
So if you’re debating whether you’re ‘daring’ enough to branch out and buy a red coat this winter, we urge you to take the plunge.
Because wearing a red coat in winter will lift your mood. And that’s the only reason you need to buy one.
You heard it here first.