The 10 items of Christmas

We’ve all heard of the 12 days of Christmas and wondered how nice it would be to have 5 gold rings, 4 Colly birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle and doves and a partridge in a pear tree, especially the partridge it’ll be lovely to roast with a few potatoes and gravy.
Imagine if you will, angelic choir boys singing ‘The 10 items you need, for your new Christmas wardrobe’ and then list of what you will need to keep you in date, in fashion and more importantly on trend this Christmas.
The first would be a decent duffle coat, one that’s stylish, warm and perfect for the winter months.
Second is a pair of shades, yes it sounds odd but winter sun can be as strong as the summer, and you need to protect your peepers!
The third thing would be an oversized bag, in which you could hold all of your personal belongings, and perfect for Christmas Shopping.            The fourth is a 40’s inspired polka dot dress, very on trend at the moment and versatile.
The fifth are earrings. Wearing earrings always adds extra dimensions to your face.  Petite and cute or big and dangly, feathers make great earrings, have a go at making a pair yourself.
Sixth is jumpers, this season cable knit chunky jumpers are in, so grab an old fisherman’s jumper or retro cricket jumper.
Seventh is a decent pair of shoes, they’re perfect for walking in the rain, snow or even treading on ice.  They can keep your feet dry and warm, but also they can help you keep you stable and balanced so you don’t slip over. Opt for a pair of old pit boots for day and a gorgeous metallic pair of heels for night.
Eighth is hat and gloves, to keep you warm and looking cool. This season a faux fur pill box hat will create that “Russian Bond Girl” look.
Ninth is a scarf, something soft and gorgeous like cashmere or lambs wool is perfect.
Tenth and most important is to not follow the Halloween look, wearing black is an easy option, try some of the vibrant rich colours available this winter.