Pump up the volume (within reason)

The cocoon coat is taking the fashion world by storm. The voluminous shape is reminiscent of the big coats and even bigger hair of the 50s and 60s, creating a unique silhouette that can be surprisingly easy to wear. The only problem if you want to take advantage of this trend? The weather. You’ve only just put your winter coats away and now you’re missing out on a hot trend of the moment, but it doesn’t have to be like that—the cocoon coat isn’t the only way to pump up the volume, and if you do it well you could make the most of this high-impact look all season long.

The best (and only) way to wear this trend is to go for an oversized top-half whilst keeping the rest slimline, tailored and neat, thereby ensuring you don’t look like an 80s reject. You want to go for oversized tops and tunics whilst sticking to skinny jeans, slimline skirts or straight-cut cigarette pants, and if you get it right you’ll have a look that’s ideal for the working week as well as the weekend. Smarten things up with an oversized blouse and a pencil skirt for the office or go casual with a high-volume top and some skinnies or shorts at the weekend—the choices are endless.

Perhaps the best part about this trend is it can cover a multitude of sins, effortlessly concealing that winter-induced muffin top to keep you looking sleek and stylish. But, get it wrong and you’ll end up looking bigger than you actually are, so make sure to remember the volumising rule—bigger may be better but baggy is a no-no, so pump up the volume in a considered way and you can make the most of this trend to stay looking chic all season long.