Men in duffle coats!

Gentlemen, the truth is that whereas Leather jackets may have seemed cool a decade ago, and the puffer jacket I can confirm was never cool nor fashionable, the duffle coat has survived two world wars yet still remains as much of a fashion staple as it ever did!

All you have to do is look around you to see that, whatever your age, style and general look, the duffle coat still has it and is by far the coolest wardrobe essential that there is! Worn by such illustrious celebrities as Sir Bob Geldof, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Dean and of course Liam & Noel Gallagher, it cannot be denied as one cool piece of clothing.

But why do men gravitate towards duffle coats? You ask. Well perhaps it’s because of their timeless appeal. No matter what your age or style, the duffle coat will always go, it’s a quintessential English classic where literally anything goes (with it).

In ascending order, firstly there is nothing sexier than ‘preppy’ dress attire on a man, the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand says it all, I mean he is not the sexiest of men, but skinny jeans, converse and a duffle coat make up for it!

If you’re slightly older, however, then who cares, the duffle coat will still work for you. Team it with less skinnier jeans, a good old knit jumper and some smart shoes…job done!

So men, the advice is: team a classic duffle coat with your favorite jeans a pair of converse trainers and a white t-shirt and you will be nothing short of irresistible to the female species.

Well actually I can’t promise this, but it will increase your chances at least, women always like a stylish man and nothing is more stylish than the classic, age old duffle coat!