I Heart My new duffle coat!

I did something totally insane the other day; I spent an obscene amount of money (that I do not have) on not one, but two beautiful duffle coats, which were definitely not made for people on my wage. You see the problem was, I could not decide which one was more perfect than the other, so I decided to buy them both (well I quickly decided before I could think about it).

The first is a wonderful navy duffle coat with a silk corsage bow on the left breast. Its style is Gothic meets pretty meets preppy, it’s unlike anything I have seen before which is what I like about it. It’s very dressy and will surely add that special something to my winter wardrobe; I cannot wait to wear it with my chiffon skirt, black tights and my beautiful patent, super high heels, boom that is one hot look!

The second of my new duffle coat collection is a stunning red colour, it’s so snuggly and, well perfect. With this duffle coat I purchased an extra added, vintage style swallow broach to wear on the top of the right shoulder. This duffle coat is a much more casual coat and would look ultra fabulous teamed with my jeans, or with a denim skirt and one of my many pairs of boots, or even with one of my cute little ballet pumps.

They will be here tomorrow and I am uber excited about taking them on their first outing, the question is: which one do I wear first? Ohh and then there is the small matter of where I go as obviously I want to go somewhere where my new duffle coats will be showed off to their maximum. I am thinking perhaps a big busy city, or the park, somewhere where there is lots of people to pay compliments to my new coats!