What I Love About Winter!

It’s true, I love the month that is winter, yes fair doo’s I dislike the heating bill, the snow and rain and the dark nights. But on the other hand I do still love winter. But why? You may ask.

Well, it’s got to be said, there is nothing that excites me more than going shopping for that oh so warm winter wardrobe. All of those knit and cashmere jumpers along with choosing the perfect winter coat along with purchasing those new winter boots, makes my heart rate increase to a dangerous level, and the accessorize, well …..

The ultimate wardrobe staple to take you through to spring is of course the coat. With so many styles, colours and shapes, making the right choice is nothing short of stressful. Whether you’re a trench admirer, a puffer jacket perfector, or a devotee of the duffle coat, anything goes. But where anything goes one season might not go the next, so I would suggest that you choose something that will forever be classic and stylish, i.e. the duffle coat.

Then there are those beautiful seasonal knits. Ohh how I love wearing those thick knitted cardigans and jumpers, my advice here is that the bigger the better, chunky knits are always in fashion so make sure you embrace them!

When it comes to accessorize, long chain necklaces, chunky scarves and knit hats are the secret……a lovely pair of leather gloves are also a must have!

Now for the finale, a good pair of beautiful new boots will leave you feeling ready to brace the winter weather as well as putting you in good stead to tread that dreaded snow. Go for a flat, comfortable pair that is easy to wear with everything from skinny jeans to tights to tea dresses.

So there it is, my winter wardrobe rules, enjoy!