Make the most of the summer sales

Ok, summer may be on the way out (sob), but that’s no reason to be down. Why not get a head start on next year’s wardrobe? It’s the time of year when shops are getting rid of their summer stock and bringing in clothes for the new season, and that means you could snap up some great bargains. You need to make the most of those cut prices and with the high street awash with end-of-season sales it’s the ideal opportunity to have a rummage—what better way to keep the summer going?

Take a browse through any store and you’re bound to find row upon row of cut-price goodies just waiting to be uncovered. But, before you get ahead of yourself, remember this one important rule: if you’re buying now for next year’s use, you need to go for classic styles that will never go out of fashion. You wouldn’t want to grab a bargain only to realise you’ll look ridiculous by next summer so it makes sense to be a bit choosy, and that means you’ll probably want to bypass any OTT colours or prints (yes, neon has been big this season but will it still be here in the next one?) in favour of more demure, classic looks.

Things like denim shorts and simple summer dresses will always be a good way to go, and snapping up a few vest tops will be ideal. And what about a summer jacket or two? Buy now and you’ll have something ready and waiting for next year, and you could even get some use out of it this season what with the evenings starting to get on the chilly side. It’s all about being prepared and there’s nothing like knowing you’ve got a fantastic summer wardrobe at way below the usual price, so get out there and get bargain hunting and you can pretend that we’re still basking in a heat wave.