Give your duffle some love

It’s the time of year when we’re starting to relegate our winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe, and if the winter gave you a chill chances are your trusty duffle came in handy. It was there for you when you needed it most, keeping out the cold whilst giving you a stylish edge, so isn’t it time you returned the love? Paying it some attention can ensure it’s in tip-top shape when autumn comes around again, so give it some TLC before you put it away and your duffle will thank you for it.

The first thing you need to do is give it a good old clean. Don’t even think about putting it into your wardrobe dirty—you might reason that you’ll clean it when you get it out again, but stains, odours and even perfume remnants can all lead to the degradation of the material, so why risk it? Then you need to consider the method, and always remember that dry cleaning should be your method of choice. It may cost a bit more than bunging it in the washing machine but it’s the only option if you want to keep it in great condition, ensuring your beloved coat will return looking good as new.

Then it’s time to store it away. Don’t just leave it lying in a crumpled heap somewhere—it should be carefully hung up in the wardrobe, ideally on a padded hanger to keep its shape and in a protective bag to ensure it doesn’t get dusty, and you can reduce the possibility of muskiness (and moths getting too friendly with it) by popping a lavender sachet into the wardrobe. It doesn’t take much to give it some love, so follow these simple steps and your trusty duffle will be pristine and ready for action when autumn appears for a coat that looks great season after season.