Layer Up

At this time of year it can be tricky to dress properly. The change of season is in full swing, and that means you can be roasting in glorious sunshine one minute whilst being downright chilly when the sun goes in—autumn is quickly making an appearance and there’s a definite nip in the air, so if you want to be prepared for rain or shine you need to get layered up.

Layering is key during this transitional period, ensuring you can cope with fluctuating temperatures to warm up or cool off whenever necessary. We’ve all been caught off-guard by temperamental weather—we’ve left the house in sunshine only to be shivering in our boots by the time we get to the office, so being prepared with a few additional items of clothing should be at the top of the agenda.

But, you need to remember one important rule—keep those layers light. You don’t want to be bulking up too much just yet so give those ultra-thick jumpers a miss unless you want to be sweltering, so instead make a beeline for things like delicate cardigans and knits, layered vest tops or thin jackets. A gilet could be a great choice as well, offering extra warmth when necessary without going too OTT, and you could even bring your duffle out for those ultra-chilly evenings, just in case.

And girls, you don’t have to give up your summer dresses just yet. Why not add a pair of tights or even some leggings into the equation? That extra layer can be invaluable whilst letting you retain your floaty, summery edge, and although those flip flops might have to be relegated there’s nothing quite like putting on a pair of proper shoes after months of having your toes on display. So what are you waiting for? Autumn is the perfect opportunity to go on a bit of a shopping spree, so make sure to layer up and you can be totally prepared this season.