London’s fair city

So, its officially British summer time and the days are getting longer. Its not quite time to hang up your coat just yet, so throw on your Duffle and get outside and make the most of everything this amazing country has to offer. Often, we take for granted all the fabulous places there are to see in Britain, and I’m not just talking about the Jurassic coastline of the south, or the awesome satanic hills of the north, but the fascinating and wonderful cities we have all over our glorious isle.

We love Great Britain and everything that’s made in England, so we thought todays the day to celebrate our British heritage by beating the drum for everything that’s great about our brilliant country. This time, we thought we’d champion London fair city.

London is one of the major capital cities of the world and there’s so much to do! From the customary designer shopping, iconic British stores such as Liberty’s, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, there are riot of fabulous bars, theatres, galleries etc. and a truly eclectic mix of top class restaurants and eateries for every palate and budget; you could just eat your way around London! Fun as that may be, you might just want to take a peek at some of the truly stunning sites that are located all around the city. Step into a world where history was made and real noble men and ladies walked before you in the dazzling Westminster Abbey or maybe wonder past the bustling river Thames. See the dome of the stunning St. Paul’s cathedral, or perhaps visit the tower of London and see the Queen’s crown jewels in all their glory or could the gruesome dungeons be more your thing? Whatever your preference, there’s always plenty to see and do.

We love London because of its unique patriotic traditions. Not an elaborate show, but a real display of national pageantry that just happens as part of everyday London life. Whether it’s changing of the guard at Buckingham palace or Beefeaters guarding the tower of London, you will be amazed by the fanfare and grandeur of our wonderful capital city. So come, see the city by foot, taxi or tube, it’s easy to get about and perhaps jump on a big red London bus and experience everything this fabulous city has to offer. If you’re here for Easter, you might get a real treat and catch a glimpse of the famous tall ships regatta before they embark on their 7000-mile race across the Atlantic to Canada. Visit London, we love it!

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