April fun time

Do you have a silly side? If you do, embrace it! That’s the message from the new German research featured in this month’s Healthy magazine. Spring is in the air, and it has a magical presence that makes you start to feel better about everything. It’s thought that playful people see things from new perspectives. Now, it’s not suggesting that dull chores will suddenly become exciting, but putting a bit of fun into your life certainly makes you see the fun side and the day becomes a bit brighter. They identified four types of playful adults: those that ‘joke around’ with friends, light-hearted people who don’t seem to worry about the simple day to day annoyances, or those who play with thoughts, ideas and designs to make them more exciting and the beautiful people who can find fun in even the most simple day observations. The scientist reckons that we could all do with a little more fun in our lives, so lets make April our month for finding the most fun in everything this crazy world has to offer.