Celebrating lovely mums

Your mum is the first and greatest member of your fan club. Some days she may drive you crazy, but ultimately, your mum cares for you, gives you support and always has your best interest at heart. So in honor of this Sundays Mother’s Day, here are a few simple ways to make your mum feel extra special.

Give her a hug and a kiss. There is nothing more special or welcome than a genuine moment of love for your wonderful mum.

It’s the simple things that count. A cup of tea, made just how she likes it in her favorite mug.. priceless.

Go for a walk. You don’t have to hike across the Amazon, but a few hours spent meandering around your local park or beauty spot is time well spent.

Make a picnic. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, you wouldn’t believe how welcome a couple of jam sandwiches and a flask of tea on a blanket in the garden could be.

Make her a cake. Get busy in the kitchen and make her a surprise cake.

Sit and watch your mum’s favorite film with her. You’ll learn lots about her and what makes her laugh and cry.

Make a card. Shop cards can sometimes lack the flare and love of a homemade card so why not get busy with your glue stick.

Write her a letter. Tell her all about your goals and dreams and why you love her so much. Share pictures or special memories.

Make a pack of gift cards. One for washing the car, walking the dog, making tea etc, it’s a guaranteed winner.

Make her dinner. Whip up some of your favorite recipes. You don’t need to be Jamie olive, just keep it simple and make it special by maybe making the table pretty with a few flowers or candles.

Make a family scrapbook of all the old pictures in the drawers. To make it fun, add a few quotes, family sayings or captions.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to make Mothers day special. There is nothing more important than spending quality time together, having lots of fun and telling your mum that you love her.

In celebration of lovely mums everywhere, Montgomery would like to wish you all a very wonderful Mothers Day.