Introducing Solidwool. That’s solid products, made from wool


As suppliers of wool-rich duffle coats, we’re huge fans of wool.

Merino wool, recycled wool, sheep with wool. It’s all good in our book.

But there’s only so much talking about wool you can do.

Because after you’ve talked about sweaters, socks, carpets, scarves, rugs and blankets, what else can wool be used for?

Well. We’ve found something pretty cool.

It’s a brilliant use for wool.


Tables and chairs made from wool



Enter the Solidwool company, based in Buckfastleigh in beautiful Devon.

Hannah and Justin Floyd had the twin dream of reigniting the wool industry in their home town, and using the ‘unfashionable’ wool of Herdwick sheep.

The result is Solidwool.

Described as ‘fibreglass, but with wool’, Solidwool combines the coarse fleece from Herdwick sheep with bio resins to make solid structures.

To date, their incredible product has been used to make tables and chairs (take a look here), knife handles, sunglasses and a comb for applying wax to surfboards.

The aim isn’t just to create designer ‘must have’ products. A hefty dollop of environmental conscience is also mixed in.




The Solidwool vision is to make a less toxic, more sustainable composite that can be used in industry. And a knock on effect of this would be: the value of Herdwick sheep fleeces would increase and shepherds would be paid a fairer rate for their fleeces.

We are loving their environmental, sustainable, British style.

And in case you’re wondering? Hannah reassures us that Solidwool products won’t go soggy in contact with water. She says:

“The material is smooth to the touch – think plastic. So if you spill water on it, you just wipe it off. It’s not ‘woolly’ in that way!”



Visit the Solidwool website.