How to store your duffle coat for winter



We hate to jinx the British weather – it’s already fairly unpredictable – but we think the worst of winter is over.

True, we had snow in April. That was a little weird. And although some retailers weren’t so happy, we were fairly delighted. Because it meant that we got to wear our duffle coats for one last hurrah.

But now – touch wood – the sun is upon us here in Leicester. And the temperatures have been flirting with double figures. So it’s time to start thinking about storing your duffle coat, and woollen sweaters, for the winter.

So here’s what we recommend:

1. Dry clean your duffle coat

Although our brightly coloured duffles tend to show the dirt more, you’d be surprised at how much grime is lurking in your dark duffle coat. So before you hibernate your coat, book it in for a dry clean.

2. Don’t use stain remover

Although we recommend dry cleaning your duffle, you’re a grown up and might decide it doesn’t need it. But can we just issue a plea? Please don’t use stain remover on your duffle; it’s likely to remove the dye in your coat.

3. Remove the pills and bobbles

‘Pilling’ or ‘bobbling’ on wool clothes is pretty standard. We try to reduce it by including a small percentage of polyester, but particularly on our lighter coloured duffles, you’ll notice bobbles after the winter. You can buy a wool shavers/bobble removers online, and we’ve even heard talk of shaving bobbles off with a razor. But that sounds a little risky doesn’t it? Up to you though.

4. Hang your coat in plastic

During the balmy summer months that will definitely happen in the UK this year (touch wood), it’s best to hang your duffle coat on a padded hanger, rather than folding it. We also suggest covering your coat in plastic and leaving the base open to let the air circulate.

5. Take on the moths

Old style chemical moth balls are widely believed to have harmful effects on humans (as well as moths). So we figure it’s best not to take a chance. Natural moth repellents include cedar balls or shavings and a mix of natural herbs. Cedar shavings are readily available online and if you fancy trying DIY mothballs? Australian Organic Wool tells you how.

6. Spend a moment appreciating that beauty that is your duffle coat

If you’ve done all of the above, there’s only one thing left to do. Take a moment to enjoy your duffle coat for one last time. Perhaps stroke the sleeve, admire the toggles, or just gaze on the incredible checked lining.

Does that sound mad? A little bit. But this isn’t just a coat, is it? It’s part of your winter identity, your statement to the world.

So we’ll leave you in peace as you say your goodbyes.

But take heart. If you live in the UK you could be needing your duffle again as early as September. Or even August. Every cloud…