5 (comfortable) denim trends for SS16



Denim was all over the runways during the SS16 shows. And if the thought of denim makes you think of unkind jeans that pinch around the waist and cling to the thighs? Relax.

Because for SS16, denim has turned from spray-on skinny tyrant into relaxed and tolerant friend.

Here are five denim trends we’re loving as spring heads towards summer.

Dungarees / All in ones

Are you old enough to remember Dexys Midnight Runners? They knew a thing or two about dungarees.

Like if you wanted to be comfortable, play the fiddle, record a cool song and generally feel good in your clothes, then dungarees were where it was at.

And finally the fashion world agrees. Take a look here.

High waisted, ripped jeans

Hailed as a revamp of the 90’s, we – ahem – remember wearing these in the 80’s. But who are we to quibble over a decade?

What matters most is that we can forget the low-waisted horrors of the past.

High-waisted jeans – with their wonderful concealing powers – are back. And when it starts to get really hot? Add in some fresh rips for ventilation. Like this.

Raw hems

That’s a fancy way of saying cut off, fraying hems. Which is particularly good news for those on a budget.

Simply take last season’s jeans, add a raw hem (cut off the bottom with scissors) and voilà! You’re so on trend darling.

Wide legs

We’ve lived for too long under the jackboot of skinny jeans. They made everyone’s legs look like carrots, right?

Well hurrah for the return of the wide leg.

You’ve officially been given permission to swish your way through the summer with gloriously aerated legs. Not a carrot in sight.

Embroidered prettiness

Denim can be a bit, well, blue.

So this summer, liven up your jeans with embroidery. Or create your own road trip jacket.

Because prettiness is in and creativity is on trend.

Although it might be easier to buy embroidered jeans than actually do it yourself? These are cute.

Happy denim hunting!