Made in Britain

Happy Diamond Jubilee! Today is the perhaps the biggest celebration of Britishness that you can get. The Jubilee has seen everyone going UK-crazy with patriotism at an all-time high, and the label “made in Britain” has never looked shiner. That’s why we thought we’d take a look at a few fashion labels, brands and manufacturers that are proudly British, so you can fly the British flag with pride.

Private White VC. Private White VC is a luxury menswear label with a distinctly utilitarian feel—it’s based on the wardrobe of Jack White, a soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1918, with its commitment to traditional values (and the Victoria Cross logo) making it a hit with the public.

Tatty Devine. Tatty Devine is the hot name on everyone’s lips at the moment—a jewellery manufacturer with a difference, the label creates witty, offbeat and unique designs from its own workshops in the UK. It’s become something of a cult classic and even launches two main collections at London Fashion Week every year.

Gina. Gina was founded in 1954 with one intention—to create beautifully glamorous, handmade footwear. And it’s certainly achieved that goal. It’s a luxury label that still hand-makes all of its shoes in London, being a label with a distinct heritage and a clear commitment to quality and exceptional British standards.

Of course, this is just the beginning—other British retailers and designers include the likes of French Connection, Marks and Spencer, Jaeger and Mulberry, along with many others besides. British-based labels are cool again, and whether you’re sourcing designer products or want to hit the high street make sure to look for British options and you’ll be doing your bit for fashion in the UK.