Famous coats for auction

Sometimes you will come across famous people’s coats and jackets up for auction whether that particular celeb is still with us today or have passed on. When people bid for such items and win they are probably not buying them to wear on a daily basis, these people are mainly collectors and are adding it to their assortment of many of possessions that they might already own.

Sometimes these coats can have a weird history attached and are sometimes the reason they’re being auctioned off, but this can add to how well it sells. Usually a famous person’s wardrobe may be cleared out and the proceeds go to a charity of their choice or their next of kins choice.
Recently an auction has been held for the velvet coat that Jimi Hendrix wore the night that he died. The coat was left with his friend to look after believing Jimi was going to pick it up from him, but unfortunately Hendrix soon passed away. With this in mind he gave it to a collector who left it at his mother’s house to keep watch on. Unfortunately he thought his mother gave the coat away to charity and spent days trying to find it but couldn’t find it anywhere. 10 years passed as he gave up hope of seeing this special coat again, until one day as he was clearing his mother’s house out, he found it hidden away from sight. The collector has put it up for auction and it has been said to be valued at $40,000.


Jimi is well known for his crazy and funky performances at Woodstock where he managed to play the guitar whilst rolling around on his back and then setting his instrument on fire.
Auctions for famous pieces of clothing seem to be going on all the time, they can sometimes be a private auction for collectors only or an open auction for public to attend.
I’m just wondering when my curry stained denim jeans are going to be auctioned off and how much they will eventually fetch.