What your coat says about you

Like many things, Coats can speak volumes about your personality and how you style yourself. Sometimes you may see young men wearing leather jackets or coats that fit in the style with the newest music craze. Alternatively,  you may see business men or women wearing coats or jackets that fit with their suits and high market clothing because of their work commitments and professional look.

But sometimes buying coats can be a hassle, thoughts can run through your mind as you stand there wearing it in front of the shop mirror. ‘What will people think?’ ‘Will it make me stand out in a crowd?’ ‘Will I fit in with the style?’ these are some of the thoughts fleeting across your mind as you stand, causing a queue for the mirror. All of these questions you’ve asked yourself are only to do with your personality in a social context, you should be feeling the pressure to purchase a new coat and “fit in”. The only person that matters is you, if you like the way you look and you feel great in it, it doesn’t matter what other people are going to think, it’s all about you.

Whether you follow seasonal changes and buy coats for their practicalities or are looking for a coat that is durable and can with stand all manner of weather, there will only be one critic with you and that’s your conscience, you need to make sure you only take the positive information you give yourself, forget everything else, if it looks good on you and you’re happy with the style then just buy it. You don’t always have to think about the fashion that people are in now and don’t always have to follow the trend, just be positive about yourself and you’ll be more than happy with your decision on buying the coat. Your coat will represent you, and will speak volumes to others, in a very positive way.