The lifetime of a coat

At this time of year it is very important to make sure you wrap up warm and the people you love. Buying a new coat can mean you get rid of your old coat. You can throw it away, give it to charity or use it as a Guy Fawkes mannequin, which is a fabulous and fun idea.  It’s nice to see these charity pledges happening within the community because it’s helping other people out and making sure they’re warm enough for the winter season. No other Coat Drive has been going longer than a charity in Yadkin County, North Carolina, USA. Over the past couple of days they have celebrated their 25 year anniversary of Give a Kid a Coat.

Last year they collected just over 30,000 coats and managed to clean every single one of them and made them suitable for wearing. They then went throughout the area and state region and donated coats to people who needed them. This year they plan to exceed the record for coats donated and distributed. Due to their 25th year of incredible kindness they’ve had TV and News crews to come document exactly what they’re doing. Along with the media, the press have interviewed the charity about what they are doing and how brilliant it is for the community. During one of their coat distributions they had the backing of one of the high schools marching bands playing jazzy music to entertain the crowds.

This is a fantastic idea, and they haven’t forgotten what they are doing it for, the people of the Yadkin area. Due to their programme and incredible kindness the press have made a big deal about this particular charity that has been going for a quarter of a decade.

So if you have a duffel coat that you don’t use anymore, always give it away to charity rather than throwing it in the bin.