Elbow and shoulder patches

No longer is the elbow patch for a country gent, or shoulder patches seen on just your local bin men! The elbow and shoulder patch is back in fashion and its on trend right now!

Originally falling under the category of “sports coats”, garments with elbow and shoulder patches were created to be worn on their own, less formal than a suit and were usually made from thick fabrics such as Tweed, which were long-lasting. Shooting Jackets would feature leather patches on the shoulder to prevent wear and tear from the butt of a shooting rifle.These sport jackets also included elbow patches.


Some believe that the history of elbow patches is deeply seated in British tailoring, but records show that German army forces incorporated the elbow patch onto their uniforms for crawling purposes.

Hit the high street or shop online and you’ll see hundreds of jackets with the elbow patch revival, you’ll also find other clothing such as thick knits, blazers and long-sleeved t-shirts bearing these rather quaint features.

It actually makes sense to cover those areas that wear quickly with added material and patches not only come in leather but in a range of materials and prints. Not that we’re all going to be crawling around on our elbows when wearing these items.

If that coat has rather taken your fancy, grab it and wear it with pride, lean upon a bar or at a fire-place and make good use of those elbow patches.

These type of coats are styled on classic traditional tailoring and will be something that you can store in your wardrobe and whip out at a moments notice. They are warm, thick, sturdy and stylish and can be a formal or casual jacket for winter and summer.

All hail elbow pads, we love em’.