Can’t get enough of coats

For some an obsession with shoes is quite a common pastime, which could extend to handbags- of course they need to match, for others their passion lies in collecting items for the home or antiques. There are, however a growing number of people who can not get enough of coats. One of those people is celebrity daughter of Lionel Richie- Nicole Richie.

In a recent news report Nicole quoted “I would always choose accessories because they can really change-up an outfit. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt and throw on a different pair of shoes and it really changes the entire outfit.” “I love to buy jackets. I love to buy coats. I bought a great designer black blazer and I wore it, you know, I wore it every day.”

Actually it is not such a strange obsession, as in most countries the climate dictates what you wear from day-to-day and events and social occasions also dictate they style of clothing you wear. Because of the nature of the garment, there are so many different styles of coat, from traditional and classic to more modern and mainstream, all available in a range of colours and fabrics.

You could be the purveyor of a collection of duffle coats, from the traditional tailoring- right through to a designer piece that may have cost you a months wages, but at the end of the day, if that is your muse, let it be! Obviously the team at Duffle Coats UK love coats, especially those that look fantastic and keep you warm and dry, which is exactly what we need in the UK during the winter months.

Hat’s off to Nicole Richie, we think her coat obsession is a healthy one, after all you can create so many different looks with a range of different accessories.