By junowebdesign on 2012-01-24

David Hockney is an artist born in 1937 and has been hailed as one of the most stylish men, despite being on the line between scruffy and iconic!

This month Hockney has actually declined a knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen and instead accepted an Order of Merit.

Hockney, not only hailed as a great artist but as a bit of a style icon, has influenced many students who studied arts. He used colour and texture in a way that only an artist could, not only on canvas but with his clothes.

There are many fine pictures of Hockney in a range of clothing, spanning through the ages. With bleached yellow hair and thick rimmed circular glasses, no one could not notice this man of many colours. You can find a range of pictures of Hockney, in a delightful array of clothing, from bright pastel cable knit jumpers to a variety of coats. There is a picture of Hockney is a duffle coat, he was an icon and trail blazed the way for bright colours and mismatching clothes, right from the word go.

His combinations of rugby shirts, braces and plimsoles made him an adorable nerd, despite this, many fashion designers have taken inspiration from Hockney the man and Hockney the artist.

He creates a sense of abstract using clothing, finishing off trench coats with a polka dot necktie. It’s also feminine, but this man is not afraid to grab and mix up a range of different clothing, using layering and colours as his palette.

So, if you are wondering how to compile a new outfit from the coats and accessories in your wardrobe, take inspiration from David Hockney, a style hero and an incredible artist. He wasn’t afraid to put his fashion out in the public eye, and he has created an abstract fashion of his own, which has inspired thousands.