Duffel to Duffle.

Duffle coats are great to wear when it’s cold or wet outside, but do people in Duffel still wear them because of their origin and connotations to the town they were named after?

Duffel is a little town in the region of Antwerp in Belgium and this is where the duffle material was produced that would make the coats of the same name. For English spelling and pronunciation they had to change the letters around so it finished in ‘le’ and not in its original form of ‘el’.
Duffel was named after the discovery of this type of heavy fabric and material, which was later then used to make coats and bags.

Duffle bags were made mainly during the war to help service men and women so they were able to pack their clothes and travel with ease to different base camps.

Duffle coats have been around for a long time and are one of the UKs leading style of coat, they come in a variety of different styles and makes they come fashionable for every season.

style that seemed to hit it off was the tartan look that came with patterns that you sometimes can find on kilts. But many other styles can have hoods and button neck straps, with walrus teeth (which are the style of toggles named because they are huge in size and shape).
This style has seemed to be the regular product produced for the duffle coat and has followed the trend for many years. The only manufacturing change they seem to make is if it has a hood or not and what colour it comes in. The colour spectrum ranges from the traditional navy blue and jet black, to the light cream and snow white colours.

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