Coat Trends for 2012

When the beautiful Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller, Rihanna and Taylor Swift are all spotted wearing Duffle Coats we know that they are going to be a hot prospect for 2012.

Kate Moss sporting a lovely patterned Duffle Coat
The ancient Mayans predicted that the world was going to end in 2012, I wouldn’t personally read into this too much, but the duffle coat trend is about to blast off for the coming year. Shops shouldn’t feel pressure when there seems to be floods of customers buying their coats in store, they shouldn’t feel these are people ‘panic buying’ but more that they following the trend that has been set by these famous and attractive people.

Duffle Coats have been keeping Brits warm since early 1900’s, the British Navy used these garments to cover their service men during The Great War and World War 2. This style created a boom in stock in the 1950’s as people were seeing the effects of wearing these warm and fashionable coats. The style has stayed strong through the decades and has stamped a mark on the cat walk and amongst normal everyday people, even celebrities have started wearing them, high fashion labels have created their own versions and the high street and online stores sell traditional versions.

With this in mind manufacturers and shops know how to regenerate a dated look of a duffle coat, they know how fashion works and how it can change through the ages. Lately they’ve gone back to the original classic look of the coat and turned it into a new age millennium look.
Even the Scottish style has had some influence in the duffle coat with tartan patterns and a hooded look. Duffle fans have seen that duffle coats can be influence by many walks of life.