And the winner is…

Many hopeful top UK designers have been nominated at the British Fashion Awards this year, one imparticular for the Menswear gong, the ceremony is being held this Monday night in London. The reason why he is up for the Gong is due to the designers version  of an old classic, the Duffle Coat.


The nominated designer is an accomplished high street fashion designer even though they had no formal fashion training. In 1990 the designer set up their very own label and started designing coats and jackets, and has opened a number of stores across the UK.

The look of the duffle coat is a classic tweed military styled jacket that doesn’t follow the trend of any other coats on sale. It is avilable with leather buttons or sturdy pieces of lamb’s wool as the toggels that hold the wooden teeth together. This particular duffle coat style is more about the function rather than the design of the clothing, this version of the coat was created purposely to be worn and enjoyed by many, it’s not trying to be a fashion faux pas, it’s worn to keep you warm and dry.

Many famous people have been spotted wearing designer Duffle coats including Paul McCartney, Orlando Bloom, Alex James, Paul Weller and Jon Hamm. This shows that famous people appreciate the statement that the designer is trying to say by not making it a fashion statement rather than a coat that has no purpose to it, than to looking good.

One of the main reasons that this particular designer is in the running for this Gong is because they started up a fashion business from scratch. Since starting out in ’90 the designer has achieved many things leading up to this point. Their shows at this year’s London fashion show have been praised by many critics for their diverse casting.