Design details on duffles part 2: the brass studs on our slim fit duffles


Today we’re continuing our series on the teeny elements of duffle coats that are:

a) often overlooked

b) amazing

So can we tell you about the brass studs on the hoods of our Soho elegance slim fit duffles?

(And actually, they ONLY feature on our Soho elegance slim fit duffles.)

The reason they exist is to help you adjust the hood of the duffle to fit your head. You probably won’t need to use them every time you flip up the pancake hood. But they come into their own when it’s windy.

Because they allow you to make the hood smaller and fit it to your head. And because there are three brass studs on the hood, it can be adjusted to fit your head. Which is good news for people with heads that are particularly small or unusually large.

So when that icy wind is whipping around your head, no more hood flying off your head. The brass studs have got your back. Well, your head.

Pretty neat, right?