Mother’s Day is a marketing gimmick. But here’s why it still matters

blog Scratching your head over what to buy for Mother’s Day?


Mother’s Day in the UK is fast approaching.

And perhaps, like us, you’re a little cynical?

It’s true that the tradition of honouring mothers can be traced back to Greek and Roman Times. But we can’t help feeling that the modern ‘Mother’s Day’ is a teensy bit commercial.

It’s just a period in the marketing calendar, slotted in between Valentine’s Day and Easter, when companies jump on the bandwagon in the hope of making another sale.

Guess what?

We’re no different.

Because although you (and we) know that Mother’s Day is just shorthand for,

“Spend more money! (Oh and don’t forget to be nice to your Mum!)”, we also know that all good children want to buy gifts for their mothers.

And because we have PLENTY of mothers who buy our duffle coats and love them, we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot if we didn’t give you a heads up in the run up to Mother’s Day.

So if you’re looking for an original (gorgeous) gift for your Mum that will last for years, here’s our top tip:

Buy your mum a red duffle coat.


Because the women that buy our red duffle coats absolutely love them. We’ve written about this before, but here’s a recap.

Mums love red duffle coats

Why? It’s a happy, bright colour to get them through the gloomy months between Jan 1st and Spring.

Mums love the flash of the traditional checked lining

Once your mum has made an entrance wearing her duffle coat, she’ll be delighted to show you the lining. Because not only is the duffle coat checked lining a more muted grey/black/red check, IT’S NOT SEWN ON!

And any mum who has spent years running up makeshift costumes for nativity plays will marvel at how one piece of thick woollen fabric can be one colour on the outside, and a different colour on the inside. It’s almost magic.

(Except it’s not. The duffle coat is manufactured in a particular way to achieve this effect, but don’t tell your mum, it’ll spoil it for her.)

Mums love to be warm

There’s no getting away from it, our skin gets thinner as we age. Which is why your parents’ home is heated to oven-like temperatures. They just feel the cold more than young ‘uns.

And so giving your mum a duffle coat that doubles as a warm woollen blanket is the height of generosity.

You could even argue that if you DON’T give your mum a duffle coat that doubles as a warm woollen blanket, you’d be engaging in parental neglect.

And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

So there you have it. Three astonishingly good reasons to buy your mum a duffle coat this Mother’s Day.

Oh but wait, there’s one more reason.

Our red duffle coats are currently on sale!

Whoop whoop! It is indeed a Happy Mother’s Day for you!