Versace tells us what we already knew about duffles. But she used Gigi Hadid to do it. So she wins

blog Our models rock the catwalk (beach) wearing duffles. Who needs Milan?


Depending on your interest in haute couture, catwalks and fashion weeks, you may or may not have seen Donatella Versace’s show at Milan’s fashion week.

And we didn’t see all of it either.

But we did scan the headlines of the fashion press after the show.

And then we got very excited.

Because Mme Versace had sent model, Gigi Hadid, down the runway wearing…a duffle coat. Not only that, she declared:

“Sexy is over!”

We so agree. But let’s unpick things a little.

The fashion pages trumpeted that Versace had included a duffle coat in her collection.

We can’t help feeling it was more of an interpretation of a duffle coat. It was kind of split horizontally across the middle and the toggles were…an artist’s impression of toggles. See the duffle coat here.

If we tried to sell a duffle coat online like Mme Versace’s? Our free returns service would probably go into meltdown.

But we’re not knocking Versace’s duffle coat. It’s progress. Every glamorous woman in the world should own a duffle coat with toggles. (Gigi Hadid we’re looking at you.)

Next: Donatella’s statement about ‘sexy’ fashion being over.

*sound of us clapping really loudly*

We agree! For years ‘sexy’ fashion has meant very few clothes. And that’s no fun on a cold winter’s day.

We’ve also known that wearing a wool-rich duffle coat is one of the best ways to stay warm and feel supremely comfortable. We’re so glad that fashion has finally caught up.

So our analysis of Versace’s collection at Milan’s fashion week? Well, we can only talk about the interpretation-of-a-duffle-coat part. And we love it. Every catwalk needs a duffle coat.

Go Versace!

Long live duffle coats!

And roll on AW16 when anyone who’s anyone will be wearing non-sexy dufflecoats.