Even Football players wear Duffle Coats

In 1974 the Dundee United Football Club all fashioned Duffle Coats that were given to the team as a gift by a well-known UK manufacturer.  They wore this coat out in public at the Scottish Cup Final, so thousands of people were there to view the different sports strip, this fashion move influenced hundreds of fans to go our and buy the coat. As well as giving the coats to the football team to get them marketed, the company also gave supplied schools with their coats for kids to wear. A very clever ploy to sell more Duffle coats.

Dundee Untied sporting their Duffle Coats

Mark Smith who is the sales director mentioned that “so many people we speak to remember wearing our coats from an early age”.

The company is celebrating their 60th birthday this year and with this they have decided to remake one of their
marvels and send it out for production. Along with the footballers another famous person to wear a Duffle coat was Paddington Bear who
wore this style of coat week in and week out on national television.

Recently clothes shops and high street chains have picked up on the old styled classic Duffle coat look and marketed these coats back on to the shop floor.  The traditional coat boom has had thousands of shoppers purchasing the original style of the Duffle coat.

A fashion director at one of the high streets favourite fashion stores quoted “The Duffel coat is definitely a strong candidate for coat of the season, it’s not just for the young; a Duffel coat can suit all ages if worn with effortless style and elegance. Men tend to buy as a result of need, like when it gets colder, and a warm three-quarter length wool coat like the timeless, no-nonsense, Duffel will
work in more situations than shorter, more casual coats.”