Australia’s got street style sorted

If there’s one thing Australian Fashion Week told us last month, it’s that we Aussies have got street style well and truly sorted. The runway had serious competition with photographers and fashion eds alike being just as concerned (if not more so) with what was going on outside, and anyone who caught the eye of the masses of street style photogs found themselves snapped as they went from show to show. They had to be just as concerned with what they were wearing as the models and designers themselves, but luckily, Australians seem to have the knack of throwing on anything they like and still end up looking fabulous. So just how did they do it?

Well, peacocking was a must. Statement accessories, bright colours, bold prints and eclecticism were the order of the day, with everyone clamouring to stand out from the crowd. It was the combination of high-fashion and everyday style that ensured people really captured attention, although some went all-out and opted for looks that came straight off the runway—this might not be quite so suitable for when you’re strolling along during the working week but in this setting it definitely worked, although you don’t have to be heading to a fashion show to get your street style credentials sorted.

In terms of general street style, nailing the casual look is key. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard as that will entirely defeat the object but you can still be careful in your clothing choices—the likes of statement jumpers will be ideal, and to really go for it you can opt for the coat-as-cape look and throw your jacket nonchalantly over your shoulders (all the fashionistas were at it during Fashion Week). Or, keep it totally simple with a few accessories—a pair of statement, oversized sunglasses should be your go-to item, because really, everything looks better with a decent pair of sunnies by your side. So, get out there and show everyone that it wasn’t just a Fashion Week fluke—we really have got street style sorted.