Spring wedding style

The start of May usually heralds the start of wedding season, with those much-welcomed rays of sunshine meaning brides can enjoy their day without fear of being caught in a downpour. But, it isn’t just the happy couple that needs to prepare—it’s the guests too, and getting the outfit right can ensure everyone has a day to remember.

Getting the dress sorted should never be a last-minute affair, and with the high street filling up with everything from summer-inspired prints to evening styles you’re bound to find something that fits the bill. You might like to take the chance to incorporate a few key trends as well—delicate floral prints are ideal, as are pastel shades and unusual textures, or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and opt for something bold and bright. The choice is yours! But, there are still a few rules. Don’t go too short, always steer clear of skin-tight and never ever wear white, but apart from that you can have a bit of fun experimenting.

You can let your accessories do the talking too. A statement pair of earrings will be ideal, letting the rest of your outfit be understated whilst ensuring you can still have a bit of fun, and make sure to bring an extra layer as well. It might be May but you can never be too careful, particularly if you’ll be at a garden party or in a marquee, so consider bringing a simple blazer or delicate cardigan so you can cover up if the evening chill gets a bit too much.

When it comes to spring wedding style you’re not short of options, and if you start planning now you won’t have that last minute “what do I wear?!” panic—never the pre-requisite for a memorable day. Whether you’re opting for a delicate summer-inspired style, a cocktail dress or something in the colour-pop variety you can’t go wrong, but just make sure you don’t upstage the bride…