Get set to travel in style

If all this cold weather has left you itching for a bit of sunshine, you’re not alone. Luckily the holiday season is upon us—resorts across the globe are starting to get their act together making it the perfect opportunity for an impromptu break, and if you’re about to head off you’re going to want to travel in style. Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick run through of the essential pieces you need in your suitcase so you can enjoy your holiday at its best…

– The clothes. Casual chic is the order of the day on any holiday, so leave the tailored stuff at home and stick to light layers instead—linen trousers will be ideal (lighter and cooler than denim), a cotton kaftan is the perfect poolside cover-up and a couple of pairs of shorts are vital, and don’t forget the maxi dresses for drinks at the bar.

– The shoes. Shoes will be an essential part of any wardrobe, but of course, you need to travel light. That means you should pick a couple of versatile pairs that can be easily mixed and matched—flip flops with added bling are ideal as they can be worn at the bar just as easily as at the beach, and a stylish wedge is the ultimate go-to sandal.

– The hat. Straw hats are everywhere at the moment and can set your holiday look off to perfection, and there are plenty of ways to wear them too—from the floppy hat to the fedora and even cowboy styles there’s something for everyone, and those with scarves and/or trims can add extra interest.

– The bag. A beach bag will always be a key investment, and better yet, you can use it as your hand luggage—it’s big enough to carry everything you could possibly need for your flight as well as your beach trips, and again straw options are ideal.

– The cover-ups. Given that it’s still early in the season you might want to pack an extra layer or two just in case, so make sure to think about a lightweight jacket (a denim version would be perfect for SS13) and a cardi or two as well.

It’s all about packing carefully with several key, versatile pieces that can suit a whole range of occasions, and once you’ve got your holiday wardrobe all you’ve got left to do is get out there and enjoy some sunshine!