Are Merino wool sweaters the world’s best kept secret?

You could be forgiven for thinking that all sheep are born equal. But you’d be mistaken. For amongst those woolly dots on the distant hillside, there are sheep harbouring a secret.Which sheep? Merino sheep. Their secret? The superior quality of their wool. It’s wonderfully soft, incredibly warm and doesn’t irritate the skin.


Outdoorsy types have long known that Merino wool outperforms regular (itchy) wool, but we suspect they’ve been keeping it a secret. Those athletes, walkers and mountaineers have quietly been buying warm Merino wool base layers while the rest of us carry on oblivious.

Well not any more. Because we’re here to tell you about the miracle that is Merino wool.


merino wool submariners sweater


What makes Merino wool different?

Although Merino wool shares many of the positive qualities of wool – it’s breathable, warm and natural – it also draws moisture away from the skin (a process known as ‘wicking’) while simultaneously trapping heat. This helps to keep the body temperature regulated.


And Merino wool is highly absorbent; capable of holding up to 30% of its moisture before it starts to feel damp. This means that you can brave a light shower in a Merino wool sweater and – ahem – if you have a problem with perspiration, a Merino wool jumper could become your new best friend. And while we’re on the subject of odours and wool; Merino wool’s antibacterial properties mean that it’s very effective at neutralising odours.


Does your sensitive skin react to pure wool? Not any more

Merino wool is different to wool from other breeds of sheep because of its soft, almost silky, feel. And Merino wool fibres are much finer and lighter than other types of wool, meaning that it can also be worn by those with sensitive skin.


Merino wool sweaters – an ecological choice

Choosing a pure wool sweater is a way of waving a flag for the environment. Wool is a renewable resource, so as long as the sheep keep eating, the wool keeps growing. Merino wool is also extremely durable; just one fibre can be bent twenty thousand times before breaking. Which means that your pure wool sweater is built (knitted) to last. Wool is biodegradable, so when the sweater has had its day, there’ll be no harmful legacy for the planet.


Merino wool jumpers – for submariners, seafarers and you

You can probably tell that we’re big fans of Merino wool, which is why we’re selling a range of 100% Merino wool submariners sweaters.


Like our duffle coats, our submariners sweaters tap into Britain’s rich naval heritage. During the Second World War, the submariners jumper was standard issue kit for the Royal Navy, and was most notably worn by the crew of HMS Belfast.


Although we’ve no doubt that the pure wool sweaters issued to the Navy of yesteryear kept the sailors (and submariners) toasty, we can’t help thinking they must have been a tad itchy. And that’s where our South American Merino sheep wool comes in.


Our Merino wool submariners sweaters combine warmth, durability and style. Even better, they’re helping to lift the lid on the secret – some say magical – properties of Merino wool. Let’s spread the word!


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