Back to School bags from Duffle Coats UK

Your school days may be far behind you, but does early September still evoke memories of a new school term? Perhaps leather t-bar sandals, crisp new school uniform and freshly sharpened pencils?’Back to School’ was – and still is – a time when otherwise thrifty parents spent money with no apparent thought for the bank balance; they were in thrall to the School Uniform List. This was a delightful turn of events for children who could sneak extra goodies under the parental radar and maybe score a new pencil case when the old one would probably have done for another year.


back to school satchels


But not when it came to the school bag. That’s where the rules remained inflexible. Parents who had invested in a traditional leather satchel the year before, were not about to be cajoled into buying another one a mere 11 months later.


Nowadays, savvy parents and grandparents are still a little old school (forgive the pun). They too would rather invest in a school bag that will last more than one academic year, but still meets the requirement of being a ‘cool bag for school’.


At Duffle Coats UK, we are unashamedly traditional when it comes to bags, particularly leather school satchels. Call us whimsical, but we like the idea that a satchel can age gracefully with a person; those scratches and scuffs all have a story to tell, or a secret to keep.


Our leather satchels are ideal bags for school and university, or for adding a touch of traditional style to an outfit. For younger children or grandchildren, our medium sized leather satchels will last for the first few years of school. Or you could get real value for money and choose a large leather satchel that will last them for years. After all, carrying a huge bag to school never did you any harm!


And if you’re searching for a bag for university, our coloured leather satchels match old school durability with modern style.


We’ve saved the best bit for last…


Currently, all of our handmade leather school satchels are on sale and include free postage and packing.


Which we hope will make your school bag decision a little easier, and save you money with your ‘back to school’ purchases.


And if the stress of buying a school bag is taking its toll, here’s some comfort: if you invest in one of our hard-wearing leather satchels this year, it’ll be one less ‘back to school’ item to buy next year!


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