Warm polo necks are back (fashion says so)

Every twenty to thirty years, fashion swings back round.

So if you’re a teen of the 80’s you’ll note that herringbone and luminous pink are in vogue again. Although you might not fancy wearing it now that you’re the wrong side of forty.

And currently, the polo neck – or roll neck if you’re from across the pond – is all over the high street.

We’re told that it gives an ‘après ski vibe’ and that ‘chunky knits’ are what AW15 is all about.

Guess what?

We agree. Polo necks are the bomb.

But we’ve known that for years. Because the kind of roll necks we stock never go out of fashion.

Made from soft merino wool, they’re modelled on the submariner’s sweaters that the British Royal Navy wore.

Think ‘chunky knit’, guaranteed warmth, and cuddle-me-now appeal. Plus zero itching because merino wool works for even the most sensitive skins.

But what if you can’t bear the feel of a sweater around your neck all the time? Answer: buy a zipped neck sweater.

Problem solved.

Ready to jump on the AW15 polo neck bandwagon? Head this way.