Our Mayfair duffle coat will be meeting Doctor Who on Christmas day!

Christmas Day is fast approaching and you might be looking forward to turkey, presents or the Queen’s Speech.

But you’ve got your priorities all wrong.

Because, this year, Christmas Day is not about the usual stuff.

THIS year, it’s about two of the best British institutions:

1. The Christmas Day premiere of the latest Doctor Who episode starring Matt Lucas.

2. Our duffle coat being worn by Matt Lucas in the Christmas Day premiere of the latest Doctor Who episode.

Sorry, can we just repeat number 2 again:

” Our duffle coat being worn by Matt Lucas in the Christmas Day premiere of the latest Doctor Who episode.”

Reader, it’s true. And although it’s been a bit hush hush until now, we can finally reveal…that Matt Lucas will be wearing one of our duffle coats in the Christmas Day episode, ‘The Husbands of River Song.’

We are, of course, massively thrilled.

And here’s the story:

We were approached a while ago by a representative of the Doctor Who production company, and they purchased a few of our duffle coats.

We tried to be all cool about it, but that was definitely the highpoint of 2015 in the office!

One of the duffles they bought from us was our Men’s Mayfair knitted duffle in orange. And that’s the duffle that Matt is seen wearing in the Doctor Who episode. (We think he wears it exceedingly well.)

You can see Matt wearing the duffle coat in the opening scenes of the trailer above, and of course you’ll be able to see it in all its glory on Christmas Day. ‘The Husbands of River Song’ is showing on BBC1 on December 25th at 5.15pm.

So, set a timer, pull up the mince pies, pour some fizz and prepare to feast your eyes on the good Doctor (and our duffle).

And if you want to ‘get the Matt Lucas look’ – which is not a sentence we thought we’d ever write – our Mayfair duffles are available in ‘Doctor Who Orange’ (as we’re calling it) or in Charcoal, Fawn Grey, Olive or Indigo.

See the Doctor Who duffle here.


doctor who duffle coat matt lucas
The duffle coat worn by Matt Lucas in Doctor Who