Varsity Jackets


Varsity Jackets were first spotted in America in the 1950’s when kids came into their own and started breaking away from the social norm.

The premise of this type of jacket was for the high school sports to have a jacket for the players of the American football or baseball team to wear, to show they were a member of an elite group of athletes.

The sports team, high school or college that made them for their players would have the logo of the team stitched onto it.

It only seemed that ‘jocks’ would wear these types of coats to promote the sports team they played for.

In the 90’s in America they became more of a mainstream fashion item that people would wear even if they weren’t involved in any sports socials.

Now they have made their way over the Atlantic and have been spotted on celebrities in the UK.

They are a good coat to wear, but they only work with a certain sporty style.  They wouldn’t be a good choice of coat to wear to a job interview in London although a duffle coat or pea coat would be.  But they are very stylish and can come in many different designs.

Some high street stores and fashion designers have been found to sell their jackets for over £500, saying that they are one of the ‘best looking’ coats on the high street.

But whereas duffle and pea coats usually are trendy for certain winter and autumn seasons, it seems like the varsity jacket was purposely made for more of the spring and summers months.  As mentioned before they were made for sports teams including baseball, it means they had to be light and not over heat the athlete especially when baseball is a summer sport.

One of the most popular items you can buy in America for your favourite sports team is a varsity styled jacket that has their logo incrusted on it.